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Company History
MyGolf Corporation (Taichung Golf & Country Club): The course was originally agricultural land of the Yang family grow plants such as cassava ,herbage ,and acacia confuse…etc. and was dedicated to this purpose only.。
The corporation was established by Mr. Tianfa Yang with funding of NTD$20 million dollars and over 100 jobs were created for the Daya residents.
The capital was augmented to NTD$195 million dollars.。
Obtained 18 Hole Golf Course Business Permit from the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. Total course area was 61.4254 hectares.
Created the CEO (professional manager) position and Mr. Tianjun Yang was assigned to the position.
Obtained 18 Holes Golf Course Operational Permit from the Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan.
The chairperson of the board was changed to Mr. Tiansan Yang.
Spent NTD$10 million to replace Bermuda Grass, the greens grass originally planted, with professional greens grass Champion Dwarf Bermuda Grass in November 2006.
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2008 TLPGA Tour

The 2008 TLPGA Tour was held at the course on the 17th and 18th of September 2008.
Champion: Mingyan Chen (Guanpei Chen)

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2008 Mizuno PGA Championship
The 2008 TPGA Mizuo PGA Championship was held the course from September 30 ~ October 3, 2008.
Champion: Wenhong Lin
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2008 CVL-PGA Senior Open Tournament
The 2008 CVL-PGA Senior Open Tournament was held at the course from October 30 ~ November 1, 2008.
Champion: Chunxing Zhong
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Mr. Wenyong Yang was elected as the board chairperson and Mr. Wenyuan Yang as the CEO (All current board directors are the second generation of the Yang family).
2009 TLPGA Tour

The 2009 TLPGA Tour was held at the course from December 10 ~ 11, 2009. 
Champion: Xiaojuan Lu

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